July 28 | Literature Festival

The Literature Festival at the American Gulf University is a combination of the esoteric and the mainstream which has something for everyone. The Festival features readings from well-known books, previews of upcoming publications and on occasion guest authors as well.



August 05 | Startups Conference

This Conference is held at the start of every Fall session. The Startup Conference features

  • Welcome to new students
  • High lights of past year
  • Major news and events of the new session
  • Academic Calendars and Notices



August 20 | Media Week

During the Media Week, numerous activities related to the media industry take place. These include student speeches, dramas, filming, speaker sessions from media authorities and a lot more. The purpose of the media week is ti make the students aware about the latest happenings in the world of media and how they can contribute to it as well bringing to light their hidden talents



Septmber 02 | Career Planning Week

The Career Planning Week at the American Gulf University is celebrated with great gusto. Students are taught how to successfully plan their careers in ways that will give them the best results. This is achieved through

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Related Activities (presentations and plan prototype development)

This ensures that knowledge is imparted on a discipline-specific basis and students belonging to all industries are catered to. The Career Planning Week also features recruitment sessions for which interviews are conducted n the last two days.



September 08 | Entrepreneurship Workshop

Entrepreneurship is a popular subject among students, especially business students. Entrepreneurship Workshop will focus on the major aspects of creating, running and managing an enterprise. Renowned names in business and entrepreneurship will speak at this workshop to guide students in their own endeavors.

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