Partnership Progam

American Gulf University invites all institutes to be a part of its partnership program. We give great importance to individual and institutions that refer their students to us. When you become a part of our Collaborate Program, you earn great benefits by referring students to American Gulf University. In exchange of your collaboration, you will have the chance to earn through our partnership program and also attach American Gulf University's name in your professional contacts.

American Gulf University provides 2 types of collaborations to its affiliates and universities.

A. On-Campus Universities

With the American Gulf Collaborate Program, many conventional universities have collaborated to refer their students to us for online courses that they cannot offer on their own. These institutions use American Gulf's faculty and experience to enhance the degree life of their students.

B. Training and Vocational Institutes

Many training institutes have collaborated with American Gulf to take advantage of the number of courses and degrees we offer that are accredited and recognized globally. Email us at or apply here if you wish to be a part of the American Gulf University partnership Program.

Role of Associate Institutes and Universities

The function of our associate institutes and universities is fundamental in assisting American Gulf instill superior standards along with flexible and reasonably priced education for professionals and students in all corners of the world. In areas where online education is unusual, our associates present the similar excellence in education that American Gulf then provides through conventional education means.

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